Wale Feat. Lloyd – Sabotage; Ambition

Producer: Cloudeater


This is one of my favorite cuts on Ambition — shit grooves like crazy. It’s been stuck in my head all day. Hence, I had to go ahead and make this a post. As I’m preparing, I go to Wikipedia to see who’s the producer. Cloudeater. I look up Cloudeater and don’t find much, though I do find a profile on whosampled.com. It says Wale’s Sabotage sampled Cloudeater’s Sabotage (below). I listen to that and it’s the exact same record, though Lloyd replaced the original lead singer (and sings the song almost note-for-note.)

I can’t necessarily say I’m trippin’, but I am shocked. Part of it is the fact that Ambition’s liner notes didn’t list any samples or interpolations at all, which I’ve always found odd. (I really don’t even know how that’s legal, to be honest. To not give sample credit…). And this isn’t just a sample, it’s a full-blown jacking cover, even down to the lyrics. Long story short, I guess, Cloudeater — an Atlanta-based alternative rock/soul group is actually pretty dope — so I do Wale to thank for putting me onto a new group. Listen to the original Sabotage below…


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