Listening to this album earlier this week, and it’s absolutely flawless — not that that wasn’t widely known already. Fuck spins and radio play and what you think of Nas’ career after this… the imagery, the pictures he was painting are impeccable, and the production perfectly matches the vibe and lyrics. Beyond hip-hop, this is a great body of work in general and in Black music.

This album will always hold a special place in my heart, as my best friend, Jordan, who first put me on to Nas and burned me the copy of Illmatic that I still have to this day, is no longer with us. Accordingly, Life’s A Bitch, in particular, is one of my favorite hip-hop records of all-time.

Nas Feat. AZ – Life’s A Bitch

Producer: L.E.S. & Nas

Nas – The World Is Yours

Producer: Pete Rock

Nas – One Love

Producer: Q-Tip


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