“Back Like Jordan, Wearin’ The 4-5…”

I started blogging back in January 2009. After several months as a blogspot, I made the transition to Worpress, which I’ve called home since May 2009.

Over time, my approach to blogging has evolved. In the beginning, I was trying to post everything from shoes to new music to the latest stories in the news as often as possible. After gradually slowing down, looking to refine the content more and more, I eventually stopped posting altogether (save a few select posts). I’ve been scheming on how I’ve wanted to come back at this thing ever since. Needed to reboot, ya know. But I think I’ve figured it out.

With a good amount free time on my hands recently (too damn much, actually), I’ve been on a bit of a music binge. So this time around, that’s what it’s all about: the music. No pictures, no shoes, no fashion, no new music downloads. All of that shit is played out, or not the lane I’m trying to travel. Nothing but videos and prose, that’s all I’m doing. Music videos, live performances, YouTube videos of songs and words, plenty of ’em. The blog is dedicated solely to soulful music, be it hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, blues, rock, whatever... For the docile, obtuse or uninformed: the title “Love, Hip-Hop & Soul,” is a play on Don Cornelius’ popular closing statement on Soul Train, possibly the greatest and most influential Black television show of all-time: “Love, Peace & Soul.”

This is a leisure joint, not too much concerned with the speed or frequency, nor  the popularity, rarity or newness, either, just the quality and the soul it contains. Music is powerful stuff that, at it’s best, is art helping to define, describe and inform ourselves and society, consciously and subconsciously guiding us through this roller coaster that is life. It should be treated as such, and this blog will look to carry out that task. If it seems rather minimal, in layout or content, good. It’s supposed to be.

In preparing to return to the blogosphere, inspiration and influence came from the blogs and minds of Bomani Jones, dream hampton and my brother Fred Daniels, as well as Nelson George, Amiri Baraka, Todd Boyd and Steve Stoute, among countless others. And, of course, the music. In heavy rotation as of late has been Watch The Throne, Fly.Union, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest and anything Soulquarian, in particular.

Huge disclaimer: my intent is not to simply post the most random, obscure songs I can find. Not at all. I’m not trying to be some music snob that tries to prove his intelligence by talking about shit no one has ever heard. I hate that. Rather, it’s whatever I happen to be listening to or, in the words of Hov, “just my thoughts” and “just what I was feeling at the time.”



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